Publications in Print



2017 A Fragile Life. Grief Digest Volume 14 Issue 1

2015 Silver Pen Fabula Argentea “A Twist OF Fate”

2013 Stuck Fast Shlock webzineVol 2,Issue 26[Kindle] ed Uk

2013 Momaya Press,UK “The Beat of Alfred’s Life”

2013 Short Story “The Best of Alfred’s Life” Momaya Press UK

2012 Short Story, titled, “He” in Schlock Vol 2 UK

2006 Short story, titled, “The Old Man’s House”, in Outercast #4, Anthology, Sweden

2005 Short story, titled, “We are Silly Girls”, Spinetingler, Anthology, Canada.

2005. Short story, titled, "Possibly Famous Writer", Secret Attic's print version Booklet 1 May edition. UK

2005. Short story titled, "Remembrance", Secret Attic's print version Booklet 1 April edition. UK

2004. Article titled, "How to Cope with Rejection - some useful tips." Writers Voice Newsletter Australia

2004. Short Story, "Mauritius, Tangerine and Onion" held for possible inclusion in Westerly December Issue. Australia

2003. Short story "Mauritius, Tangerine and Onion", considered in top six for possible publication in Meanjin Australia

2003. Article published in Kadimah Monthly Newsletter, "It was Lovely". Australia

1997. Poetry "Mother, Mother", "The Deluded", "Bipolar", "Self lobotomy". Second Sighting. Anthology of Poetry Council of Adult Education Victoria. Australia

1995. Prose: "Metamorphism" published in The Golden Door Health Retreat newsletter. Australia

1995. Reading a poem on SBS, "Woman Stand Alone" (Multicultural Television Program) related to a CAE promotion. Australia

1995. An article "There is nothing typical about a class at a CAE" published in the Melbourne/Yarra Leader newspaper. Australia

1991. Ghost Writer for Rabbi H. Vallins. (A sermon written for the rabbi and delivered by him to a couple of hundred congregants.) Australia

1989. An article "Going to the Mikvah", written for the Australian and New Zealand Rabbi's conference. 



Internet – ezines

2018  Wet Curls

2017 A Fragile Life

2013. “Short Story titled, “See all Evil, Hear all Evil Speak None” Cyclamens and Swords

2013. Flash fiction titled “Into the Hornet’s Nest” Cyclamens and Swords

2005. Short Story titled, "Love in a Haystack", The Copperfield Review Summer issue

2005. Short Story titled, "Looting in Irak", selected for publication in Outsider Ink September issue

2005. Short story titled, "Cup of Tea and a Bex Headache Powder", selected for publication in The Woman's Corner September Issue USA

2005. Short story titled, "Sibling Rivalry", selected for publication in The Woman's Corner June Issue USA

2005. Short story titled, "Jessica's Folly" in Sage Consciousness ezine, USA http://www.ez/.sageofcon/ssmemu.htm

2005. Short Story, titled, "Café Ambrosia" in The Sidewalk's End ezine, May ed. USA

2005. Short Story titled, "We are Silly Girls", selected for summer issue of Spinetingler Magazine 2005, printed magazine Canada

2004. Short story titled, "Mauritius Tangerine and Onion", featured on 

October 7 2018 Wet Curls

October 27th in   Fiction Warehouse Literary ezine USA